Deploying Splashtop Streamer using Splashtop's Script - Missing Screen Recording Permissions

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I'm pretty new to Jamf Pro so please excuse my ignorance. I have Splashtop setup in Jamf Pro and the deployment works great except for the fact that screen recording it not being enabled by Splashtop's script. I tried to post the script below but it's too long. I don't see any reference to screen recording in the script but I may very well be missing something. Can anyone able to offer any insight? I'm waiting to hear back from Splashtop support on this as well.

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I am pretty sure the end user has to enable screen recording.  This is by design by Apple.  You can experiment with Configuration Profiles>Privacy Preferences Policy Control settings in the JSS so you don have to rely on scripts for PPPC settings.  You can also use the PPPC Utility to assist.

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Thanks so much! Appreciate your time here. 

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Yup anything that shares the screen or uses the microphone, Apple wants the user to have "agency" to make that choice instead of MDM. Agreed on PPPC recommendation, I used it to create two configuration profiles, one for Splashtop Streamer and one for Splashtop SOS, both with identical permissions that grant

SystemPolicyFiles: Allow
Screencapture: Allow Standard users to allow access (the user has to enable screen recording BUT won't have to click the padlock and authenticate)
AppleEvents: Allow
Accessibility: Allow. 

Splashtop has a Jamf Pro deployment guide here:

Lastly, be aware that even though these settings will be enabled by the profile, check marks WON'T appear for these items in System Preferences > Privacy and it will throw you off at first.