Device listed in Azure but not Intune



I'm currently integrating my fleet with Microsoft Intune. Most enrollments run smoothly through Self Service. The device appears in Azure AD and Intune; however, I am also beginning to see an issue in which devices appear in Azure but not in Intune. The devices in question usually list "None"
44ab5ee4bacc4fddbfbc4eebc7314166 in the MDM field. Has anyone else seen this issue?


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I have exact same issue. Have this been solved?

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"Once all the info is there, hit save. Next, and this is an important step which is not well documented in the Microsoft guide, you must click on ‘Open administrator consent URL’ to finalise the setup! This will bring up an Azure login prompt on which you need to authenticate with your Azure admin account, and grant the required permission for the Jamf Native macOS Connector (part of Jamf Pro authenticating to Azure)."

This fixed my problem. Real MVP this travelling guy