Device not getting scoped policy

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I have a student device, remote learning so getting my hands on it is not all that easy. The device is checking in properly, but the last polices executed were almost a week ago.

The two policies in question are triggered on check in or logout. I had the user log out and back in. Nothing.

Why? How to remedy this?



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You might want to check the policy execution rate, if it's only once per computer, it might already have run the one time it was to be running. Another thing to check is if the device has the jamf framework. test running "sudo jamf policy" on the device. (or enable a one-liner as a self-service policy and see if he's able to run it)
if you do go on the device, check the history tab, and see if there is anything in the policy history that fails the execution of the policy.

but recurring check-in, and once per day/week/month should trigger the policy to run at least once a day/week/month.

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Thanks. This policy is scoped to like 1000 devices. It is working as it should on logout or check-in. On this one device it was listed as a policy scoped to it (2 policies actually) but it is never in the logs as completed or failed. A sudo jamf command is not possible without a lot of logistics and inconvenience that shouldn't be necessary. In the end, when the user was asked to log out and back in, it worked. I had thought the user had already done this but apparently not.

Now I need to look at others that don't appear to have gotten these policies. I had been under the assumption they just hadn't gotten them yet, but now I feel I will need to check to see if it isn't like this device and they haven't executed for some reason. jamf being jamf.

Thank you for your reply.