Device ownership - How to identify the enrolled devices are corporate devices or personal devices.



I'm a new learner of Jamf. When I explore I found that no option to check the device ownership in Jamf nevertheless the devices are enrolled via user-initiated enrollment unable to find it's COD or BYOD. Kindly help on this. Thanks.


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If you're talking about macOS, I don't believe there is an attribute for COD vs BYOD. In most cases it's recommend that you use Automated Device Enrollment for all corporate owned devices, and only resort to user initiated enrollment for BYOD. If you do that then you could use the enrollment type attribute to distinguish the two. After enrollment there really isn't any difference between devices since user initiated enrollments now are supervised by default. 

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The computer records themselves will show user enrolled or Apple Business Manager Enrolled.  I wrote an Extension Attribute that will have the computer check its ABM Status.


ABMCheck=`/usr/bin/profiles show -type enrollment | grep ConfigurationURL | cut -d '"' -f2`

if [ "$ABMCheck" != "<your enrollment URL" ]; then
result="Not ABM"
elif [ "$ABMCheck" = <your enrollment URL ]; then

echo "<result>$result</result>"

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We use Enrollment Method attribute to separate inventory by Macs enrolled via Automated Device Enrollment (aka ADE) and via User-Initiated Enrollment methods. ADE means only devices on company ABM means COD, everything else means everything else :)