dhcpd.conf and NetSUS

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I am trying to get NetSUS/Netboot/Netinstall working on a CentOS 7 VM. The Macs boot with the option key pressed down and they see "Faux NetBoot" as a choice but when I select that icon nothing happens, the Mac just boots into it's own OS immediately. It's as if the netboot image is not being brought down at all.

/var/log/messages on the CentOS 7 NetSUS shows DHCPACK, DHCPDISCOVER stuff but nothing mentioning netboot images being brought down.

I have ammened my /var/appliance/conf/dhcpd.conf and /etc/dhcpd.conf to match but it has not made a difference, in fact looking at those files again this morning all my changes have disappeared to those files and they have gone back to the way they where before my changes. In particular, the bit I didn't like about those files:

next-server; filename "NetInstall.nbi/i386/booter"; option root-path "";

N.B is not the IP address of my netboot server so why is that bit there. And the path /NetBoot/NetBootSP0/etc/etc does not look right to me...

Do I need to do anything to the JSS to make all of this work, I thought it should work in a standalone kind of way.


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The interesting thing is that it is not showing up in Startup Disk preference pane but the old Netboot server running on the Mac Mini is. Just need to figure out how to get the Netboot service working on the CentOS 7 box.

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I have got something working! It now does netboot and installs the netboot image file.
But the thing is once the netboot image file is installed it comes up with the message:
Please enter your username and password to connect to your JAMF Software Server located at https://Address_Of_Old_JSS:8443.

I don't understand why the initial netboot image loads up with that message pointing to the old JSS and not to the new JSS on CentOS 7. How does one configure the initial netboot image to point to another JSS??