Didn't policy filters used to filter on contents as well?

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I have noticed recently that the filter on policies no longer shows policies where the items contained within the policy match the filter.
Is it my imagination or did this not used to be the case???
It makes it near on impossible to quickly and easily find whether packages are in use or not!


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You're not the only one who noticed.

If this is true, and apparently it is as you're the second one to mention it, it's a good enough reason for me to hold off on upgrading to the new release. I feel like I keep "holding off" on upgrading our Jamf instance, perpetually, because every new version introduces some new issue or annoyance. I'm not sure when I'm ever going to upgrade at the rate Jamf is going with this. :(

BTW, I forgot to ask if you upgraded recently or not. I'm curious to know when this backward change was introduced.

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@mm2270 pretty sure it's JAMF 10 UI upgrade thing.