Digital Guadian DLP file location on MAc OS X and how to uninstall

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I have trie couple cmd through terminal and still not able to remove DG from Mac os X tried : rm -rf sudo uninstall file://
but no luck and even kind find where is the Digital Guardian file is located Thanks


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So how are you administering DG? DG can be installed and managed as tamper-proof. Are you the DG admin? Or is that handled by another group? If so, you'd need them to provide their password to the DG agent most likely. After that, you generally stop the agent and then then uninstall the agent.

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usually to uninstall we have to run the following in the /dgagent folder:
sudo ./dgctl --uninstall

it'll ask you for the password (the uninstall password, assume it'll ask for the sudo password as well) , provide it and it should uninstall.

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I tried it.  Command not found   Any other?