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Is there a way to use a configuration profile or script to disable browser caching similar to manually going into Developer tools and selecting "Disable cache".  We have several remote Macs we want to disable browser caching on and would like to do it through Jamf.



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Which browser? 

And to be specific, do you explicitly want the browser to not cache anything, or would it suffice to clear the cache on exit? 

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@piotrr We would like the set it so the browser didn't cache anything.  Eventually we would like to do this with Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but I'm starting with Chrome.  I did find scripts that I could run from Jamf that would clear the cache if that ends up being the best option.

@RachelGomez1619 Thank you for the info.  That allows someone at the Mac to manually disable the cache.  I'm hoping to find a way to remotely push that setting to a group of Macs through Jamf.  Any ideas?

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@bstaple-98 Chrome and Edge can be managed using policies that can be set through configuration profiles. Create a configuration profile, add an Application & Custom Settings payload for External Applications, but then you'd need a JSON that defines what options are available, or type out the PLIST yourself. 

Google's resource for the manifest of settings is here: 

Set Chrome Browser policies on managed PCs - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help (google.com)

I know there are options to delete the cache upon closing the app, but there may be for disabling cache too.