Disable Google Chats

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Hello all, Is there a way to disable Google Chats? I've got Middle School students all taking part in a giant Google Chat room during the day.

Anything you all can think of to disable this feature?


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Quite simple... don't install the app on their devices, block the Google Chat website via config profil and block access to Google Chat for students via the Google Admin console

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When there is a will there is a way. If you disable this and you should your students will transition over to using Docs for chat. The big take away though is that because the service they are using is administered by the school you have a pseudo transcript of it. You can also sign up for free services that can monitor these applications for illicit behavior, language, etc. and send those reports to building administrators that deal with student behavior. That way you can dial back the internet cop in you and concentrate on other things.

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HAHA! Internet Cop, I love it. I totally feel like one some days.

You're correct. I've already seen the shared Google Doc used as a messaging service. There's no way to control everything and some days, I just throw up my hands when the principals ask me to block another free movie site. There are so many more they'll go to.

Thank you for the advice. :)