Disable Keyboard Clicks on iOS

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I can't see a way to Disable Keyboard Clicks via a Configuration Profile.  I also cannot see it as a thing here https://support.apple.com/lt-lt/guide/mdm/mdm0f7dd3d8/web


The request to do that is for a class we have with 80 iPads in use at once so I guess it gets a bit noisy 🙂 

Any ideas if disabling Keyboard Clicks is possible using Jamf?


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Hi @dlondon 

Unfortunately, we can not disable Keyboard clicks via Jamf. There is only the following options are available in the  Configuration Profile related to Keyboard.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 4.32.29 pm.png

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Thanks @Hasibravo Yes I saw them and also checked in the MDM documentation I linked to as well.  I wasn't sure if there might be some alternate way apart from Configuration Profiles