Disabling SIP via Jamf

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Recently I upgraded one of our school Macbook Airs to Mojave, only to discover that once I did so, the Guest User account would not log out properly. Others who have had this issue have posted in various forums about the net that the solution is to disable SIP, which must be done from the recovery os. Low and behold, doing so resolved the problem for me as well. So my question here is: Is there any way to disable SIP via Jamf?


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No. Due to the fact that you have to disable SIP in Recovery HD, Jamf has no way to disable it from the OS.


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If you're going to go down the road of disabling sip then there's another problem that needs to be solved.

SIP helps protect the os integrity by locking out user's abilities to modify os files. Disabling a built in security mechanism that is on by default for millions of machines, imo is not the right way to solve the problem.

In fact, where I work if our staff disable SIP IT is notified and reaches out to the user to find out why & if a valid case is re-enabled

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@rderewianko I here you, and I am not completely thrilled at having to choose between SIP and being able o use the Guest User in my small, special needs school, but that seems to be the choice.

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