Disk Utility and Casper Imaging not working in 10.12.6 NetBoot image created with AutoCasperNBI

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Hi folks, I'm running into a couple of strange issues with a NetBoot image created from macOS 10.12.6 (16G1408).

The first is that Disk Utility can't erase a disk. I keep getting errors when I try it.


When I boot the Mac with a USB boot disk, I can use Disk Utility normally. I have tried this now on three computers, and I get the same behavior.

Second, if I NetBoot the computer again to image it, Casper Imaging starts its process but crashes with either of the following messages if the "Erase drive" option is checked:

I first created a base OS dmg using AutoDMG 1.8.1, as I normally do. Then, I created the NBI from that using AutoCasperNBI 1.4.1. I didn't get any errors when I performed either of those steps, so as far as I know, the NBI was created successfully.

Has anyone seen this issue before with any previous version of macOS and the image creation tools?


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Was this an APFS drive before trying to run imaging?

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@jmahlman No, all the drives are HFS+J. When I boot these Macs with a USB stick, I can reformat the drives fine.

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Well, I created two NBI's using the previous builds of macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G29 and 16G1036), and I still got the Disk Utility error.

My only workaround for now is to boot the Mac with the Sierra USB stick, format the drive, then NetBoot to run the Casper Imaging image configuration without selecting "Erase drive."

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Did you make your NBI with the alternate rc.netboot option ticked? https://macmule.com/projects/autocaspernbi/#rcnetboot