Distributing Apps automatically to iPads

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I'm new to JAMF Casper but I am prepping 70 iPads to deploy to our 7th and 8th grade classrooms in a couple of weeks.

I am a bit confused about app distribution and getting them to install automatically as opposed to having to have users install them separately from Self Service.

If I goto Mobile Devices / Apps, I have several free apps listed there that I can see in Self Service on an Managed / Supervised iPad.. they just don't seem to install automatically even though the "Install Automatically" is checked (See Screenshot Attached).

Now if I goto Users / VPP Assignments, I can see a couple of free apps I have added through VPP (although it seems to take a very long time for them to show up in Casper after I purchase them via VPP). .. and 1 installs automatically.. Chrome in this case, but Google Classroom does not.

I'm stumped.. I've read through all the documentation and read a bunch of discussions here but can't seem to find the right combination of things to figure out how to get these Apps to install automatically when bringing up a new iPad.

What am I missing?



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Are you using a different AppleID and user for each iPad?

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VPP scoped to Users, they need to accept an Invitation per token.
VPP scoped to Devices don't need to. This is the one part of free it works good. Draw back is if a free app goes paid, and it's not tokenized, you'll lose it.

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Yeah Different ID.

Got it about the differences between the two areas.. but what I don't understand is why these apps don't seem to automatically install for the users even though I have them selected to. They have to be manually installed from within Self-Service. Is that normal?