Distributing Books

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I'm IT for my Primary school. I have 16 ipads set up with Jamf that are under one user because we use them with several classes. I want to upload books from my Apple school manager but it says 'Waiting for VPP licenses'. Any suggestions please?




Hello Luke,

This is quite a convoluted process I'm afraid!
Can I just clarify one point before I explain how it works - when you say that your 16 iPads are under one user - to you mean Apple ID or assigned to a user in User and Location in Jamf?

The book process works as follows

  1. The book is purchased / obtained in Apple School Manager in the same way as app purchasing
  2. Your user(s) need to be sent a VPP invitation in Jamf. This ties their Apple ID to the VPP process. Essentially, you create a new invitation and scope it accordingly within the user section of Jamf
  3. Then create a volume assignment which assigns the licence of the book to the user(s) you intend to have the licence
  4. The book is then scoped for deployment in the eBook section to auto-deploy or make available in self-service.

Finally, the iPad needs to be signed in with the apple ID that you assign the licence / invitation to in Jamf.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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apps can be assigned to devices and users. but books can only be assigned to users. So you have to generate a user for every device (generic ones like Name-XX) https://support.apple.com/de-de/guide/deployment-reference-ios/iorab247ae15/web