Distributing iOS apps via a shared AppleID

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Our lower school is 1 to 1 iPad. But I really don't want to have to create individual AppleIDs for each PreK, K, 1st, and 2nd graders. I feel it's kind of silly. So instead I'm looking at creating an AppleID for each grade.

Does anyone know how many devices an AppleID can be on? And if there's a problem with using VPP codes this way? I'd still purchase the correct number of licenses for each app, not try to cheat the system and only buy 1 for each grade.

I gotta say I really wish iOS 9 was out now, that'll solve this headache being able to assign a VPP code to a device, not an AppleID.


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in general the idea is a bag of hurt and at the lower grades, I have shifted to Apple Configurator as my sole means of deploying apps as we don't wish to do accounts for each kid either. There are ways and others may have made them work, but in general I've tried a couple of them and they have been a bag of hurt to us.


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I recommend using Apple Configurator and using redeemable codes to install apps purchased with VPP. Redeemable codes can be taken back and repurposed if installed on supervised iPads with Apple Configurator.

To answer your larger question, purchased content can be on up to 10 iOS devices (5 OS X), one Apple ID at a time can be used per device every 90 days, however free apps can go on unlimited iOS devices.

I recommend using Apple Configurator since you can use VPP redeemable codes to quickly install apps faster than signing into each iPad with an Apple ID and manually installing apps.