Distributing Movies using Jamf Pro and ASM

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Hi all, 

We are fairly new to using Jamf Pro and and we need to distribute a film to a handful of A Level pupils. I have purchased it using iTunes and gifted it to one of the pupils, but she is unable to open it, since we have restricted (removed) using of Apple TV and iTunes for all pupils. I have just enabled them and they have reappeared on the iPad, but she is still receiving the error message 'This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases'. Is there a way I can enable this, or essentially, get this film to a few pupils? 


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Hi Jo,

I’m not very familiar with ASM, but I know ABM accounts can indeed not own any paid content. They can only have apps distributed to them, essentially whatever you see in the app store catalog, or books, within ABM.


iTunes is another store entirely, so don’t think that’s an option. You’d need an app that had the content licensed within it, or web view, or… really depends on the source video license.



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Hi @bigben54 


Thank you very much for your reply. I don't think there is a way around it either. I'm wondering if reaching out to Apple and suggesting it may be a way forward, as it would be really useful for us (I'm guessing other educational institutions too), if some pupils with managed apple ids can have less restrictive profiles. 


Thanks again 👍