Do we have that in Jamf?

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Hey guys,

I would really appreciate your help - I am new in JamF and I wanted to know if there are these kind of configurations in the system:
1. Discover all user profiles on the mac using the system.
2. Create personal settings profile with: apps installed, printers configured and wifi connection. Means - whenever you connect with this user on a mac - all these configurations have done.
3. Can we send a printer's configuration on my network? that they will just have it installed on their users.

If someone could send the instructions how to do it too it would be great!



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I would like to know if these things are possible as well.

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@nicolem Can you provide information about the environment? here are the answers I have but they are based on an environment with Active Directory, Open Directory or some kind of Directory service.

  1. You can go to the JSS and click on a computer and be able to see which "LOCAL" user's exist on that one computer.
  2. Yes you can scope things directly to USERS and not COMPUTERS meaning if the user connects to another computer they will have all their apps that are assigned or scoped to them install on that new computer but there needs to be some way of identifying this user, which is why I said what I did about Directory services.
  3. Same goes for the printers you can scope it to USERS directly and set it to be installed upon login or some other way. Again this solely depends on directory services.

If I am wrong about this and anyone knows another way of doing this, please by all means explain to me as that is how I had that setup on my old job, now I have no directory services where I am and it's a pain.

Thank you.

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Those answers sound good to me.

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@arivera - Hey!
Thanks for the quick response.
The Mac computers are joined to a company domain - using Active Directory.
1. So we can see only local users? not domain users?
2. So there is a way saving a domain profile and moving it with all configurations to a different computer?
3. Same as 2

If you used this deployment before, using AD - were you satisfied? Were there any problems? common issues?


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If a domain user logs into the computer it should be creating a home folder for them. You can make an extension attribute that lists all the folders in /Users. This would just list anyone on the domain that has at some point logged into that computer. Not sure if this helps at all.

It at least works in my environment, but correct me if I'm wrong.


echo "<result>`ls -m /Users`</result>"

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You can also look at machine usage history and see anyone who has ever logged into a machine.
If you are talking about general discovery about machines, the Extensions Attribute engine is completely script based so basically if you could get the information from a command line on the local machine you can probably turn it into an EA in JAMF to show you that information and create smart groups etc... around it.

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I'd personally attend a few Jamf courses if I was you?