Dock items keep reappearing in High Sierra

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Having a strange issue with Dock items that keep reappearing. Items like Siri, iBooks, Maps, and Photos are removed from the dock and reappear after a reboot or logout/login. Of course it's not happening on all machines, just certain ones. We're still trying to narrow down what is going on. We are not pushing down any apps for dock items, just a URL. I've checked that policy and it's formed correctly and working on all but a few of these machines.

We've gone through many different steps to clear out the plist in the user account, and items from the cnet article ( We just created a new account and that new account is having the same issue. Apart from re-imaging, has anyone seen this and if so, were you able to fix it?


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You might want to look over my discussion post for more details and info regarding High Sierra and the dockfixup plist:


I'm seeing the same issue in Sierra as well. Looking through those articles to see if they work.