dockutil and Standard User

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I've been using dockutil successfully with admin users for some time. Now I'm having an issue with standard users.

This command works both with a direct Terminal command and with a script, for admin users:
/usr/local/bin/dockutil --add 'afp://Server_Name/Archives'

I can use it repeatedly just fine.

However with standard users I get the result:

Script result: afp://Server_Name/Archives already exists in dock. Use --replacing 'afp://Server_Name/Archives' to update an existing item
item afp://Server_Name/Archives was not added to Dock

This is regardless of the presence of the shortcut in the dock.

Adding sudo doesn't help.
sudo /usr/local/bin/dockutil --add 'afp://Server_Name/Archives'

Neither does:
sudo /usr/local/bin/dockutil --add 'afp://Server_Name/Archives' --replacing 'afp://Server_Name/Archives'

Is there a trick to getting dockutil to work with standard users?

Thank you!


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Others swear by this utility, but I couldn't get consistent results with it so I gave up and use the Dock feature in Configuration Profiles. It's a little time intensive, however it works each and every time and easy to add or delete an icon


@gskibum, what version of dockutil are you using? I tried it with the current release (v2.0.5) and your exact command worked for a standard user account in Terminal on an OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) VM. After the Dock restarts (it disappears and reappears), a globe icon sits at the end of the Dock, right before the Trash. I did not try it with a script.

It should be similar to the following example in the current "read me" file for dockutil:

dockutil --add vnc://miniserver.local --label 'Mini VNC' --after Downloads --allhomes

If you are planning on adding the same item to all user accounts, you may want to consider and try the --allhomes option, since it is meant for just that purpose.

Of course, I was not able to mount the "Archives" share.

@CapU, I've found dockutil quite reliable but it does pay to keep up with its changes (there have been a number lately, looking at the history) and go through the examples. Of course, I know kcrawford and if I have a problem he usually knows what the issue is. A Dock profile will enforce its Dock settings, so it's not appropriate in all situations — but, of course, is appropriate in some.

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in mine if its an icon i dont want to add to --allhomes, i add the path to the current users home folder
/usr/local/bin/dockutil --add "/Applications/" /Users/$3/

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Thank you all for your input. @jaharmi you did motivate me to update to 2.0.5 but the problem remained. However since it works for you my thoughts found another possible cause: I've been testing with a virtual machine, and sure enough it works fine on real hardware.

I have found another possible bug in dockutil. I can't get it to place icons for Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe After Effects CC while the rest of the Creative Cloud apps work. I just submitted an issue on the github page for it.