Does anyone use JamfCloud with Configurator & Static URL?

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Hi I need to see if there are any JamfCloud users that use Jamf and enroll devices with Configurator and use the a static URL for the Server? Without saying your specific address can you share with me what your URL looks like? This is the URL you see under Preferences -> Servers

JamfCloud settings indicate the URL is managed by JamfCloud but it does not say what it is. Jamf support seems to be unsure what it should be as well.

All documentation I am finding says it should be the website I currently login into follow by: /configuratorenroll

"In Apple Configurator 2, add the enrollment URL for the JSS to the MDM server preferences.
If you are enrolling via the static URL, enter the static Apple Configurator enrollment URL for the JSS. The static Apple Configurator enrollment URL for the JSS is the URL for the JSS followed by “ /configuratorenroll”. For example, ""."

[](link URL)

[](link URL)

Please help Obi Wan, you're my only hope.


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This is old, but in case anyone runs into this issue again, it's explained here in this quick tutorial.

Essentially, just click next even if you get the prompt that it doesn't recognize the URL.