Donating iPads to Hospitals for Palliative Care COVID-19

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Yesterday we erased and released a number of older iPads and some Galaxy Tabs for use in local hospitals during this crisis.

The devices we donated would have just sat in a store until we needed them for training when things open up on the other side of this.

It's nice to know we can do a little to make sure some people get a more dignified death and a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones in these dark times. We don't get to choose how or who will die from COVID-19 but we can do what we can to make it more humane.

So if like us you have a trolley full of iPads sat in a store please consider donating them to your local hospital or care home.


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New Contributor III

Thanks so much for sharing this, and awesome to hear that you could donate!

For anyone else who has devices and is looking for hospitals and schools in need:

Jamf Healthcare

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Great News

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That is really good news