Downloads folder in Jamf Configuration Profile for Dock

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So I'm trying to play in the sandbox that Apple and Jamf seem to want us to be in and I am pushing out as much as I can through configuration profiles for the user experience in our labs.

I have unique docks built out for each of the different labs with a combination of the Dock portion of the config profile and an Application and Custom Settings JSON template that I found a ways back (Looks like it is this one. ). Everything seems to be working quite well and gives me a lot of flexibility across the spaces until I hit a coordinator who wants the user's Downloads folder available in the Stacks portion of the Dock. I have tried populating through the Custom Settings and through the Dock portion of the config profile with ~/Downloads and had no luck.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to point to a user's home directory that do not involve uploading an entire profile outside of Profile Creator or dockutil (tried both in the past)?



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Dealing with this right now. It appears dock folders may be an issue if you're binding and the users don't have a mobile account i.e. network users. The dock payload won't be able to map the folder reliably if it's not a mobile account.

Other things to check are to use full paths with variables i.e. /Users/$4/Downloads or /Users/%USER/Downloads.