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Super new to Mac management and JAMF. We are trying to get the systems to map a couple network drives
Drive 1 is a company share
drive 2 is a dept share
they map fine but it seems to map them 2 times. it also requires that they click connect for each one. so the drives map but its a little annoying to click connect everytime they map.

the other problem is that we are trying to map to AD home folder and that is not working. I cannot get any variables to work, or find a script that pulls down the AD home folder correctly.

any help would be appreciated. i've tried searching and none of the solutions seem to work for our environment and they are mostly quite old.

ive tried the scripts posted here and none are working for the AD home folder. It would also work if we could get a script to work that would map to share(usernamevariable)

thanks in advance



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When we were starting out, this script worked really well for quite some time. Nowadays, we use the network share mapping functionality of NoMAD, which might be worth you looking into?

Yea thats the script i was trying and it didnt seem to work. Do you have a script for the nomad, or is it all built into the program.
Do you pay for their support, if so is it worth it.


Not sure if this would help, we have this in self service:


# Mount the network home
mount_script=`/usr/bin/osascript > /dev/null << EOT
# tell application "Finder"
# activate
mount volume "smb://$4.******************/$5/"
# end tell


We have a couple of parameters: 4 the Server and in parameter 5 the Volume

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