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I have had a drop box account for a while now at www.getdropbox.com. I was thinking it would be cool if we maybe signed up and started a Macintosh System's Administrator group. Instead of emailing scripts, configs, and documents to each other we can just share our shared drop box folders. The service is web based, free, uses HTTPS port 443, and while there is no way to set up groups yet but we could share our files and keep them sync'd instead of hunting down that email you maybe saved or maybe trashed.

Anyone think this is a good idea let me know and I will share my dropbox with you. I already have a scripts folder I share with my fellow IT workers.


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Maybe our friends at Casper could setup a space for us somewhere with them since the group is already together.

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Sounds like something for the resourcekit group. Copying it there so Nick sees it (even though Nick sees everything, I know it).

Craig E