dropping WiFi when Replacing WiFi config profile with new Wifi config profile

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Right now we use a certificate to join our district school devices to WiFi.  This is delivered via a config profile with the network settings and the certificates.  When the certificate is getting ready to expire we deploy a new config with the new certificate. All works fine till we try to remove the old network settings and certificate from the machine - we lose network.  is there a way around this?

Jenny Garland

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Is this just a certificate renewal (i.e. SSID etc not changing)?  Have you tried decoupling the profile with the Wi-Fi payload from the profile with the certificate payload?  You should then be able to add a new profile with the new certificate, or update the existing profile without requiring the device to first remove the Wi-Fi payload and then replace it.  This may be causing the network stack to bounce, kicking the device off the network.


Just a thought.