Duplicate Version and Bundle Identifier Error

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Recently started getting this error when updating/adding a new IOS app to the app catalog :

"Duplicate Version and Bundle Identifier"

We have the same app listed multiple times in the App Catalog depending on which class set the app is being assigned to. Is it no longer possible to have the same app listed multiple times in the app catalog?



I ran into this issue today.

Called support and they confirmed it is a defect. There is a work around, but not a great one.

Turn off Auto update of iOS apps (again). To start with as you will start getting lots of errors as apps update

For the work around I recommend calling support to discuss the option. I have rolled back to 9.91 in the mean time

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I've just realized this has caused a few of ours apps to be uninstalled from certain class shared iPads. I can't reinstall them because of this error!

Is there any way to roll back to 9.91 without restoring from backup?

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I was told that if you have OS X clients it will not be a good idea to roll down a version.

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I am told this is fixed in 9.92.1466020067 in the release notes noted as:
[PI-002293] Fixed an issue where editing and saving applications with the same bundle ID would
remove outgoing commands to everyone that had the app scoped to them, causing apps to
sometimes be removed and reinstalled.