Duplicated/orphaned configuration profile

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We have a configuration profile that's deployed to our laptops that was modified not too long ago containing various payloads and is now being removed and replaced with individual profiles containing only one payload each. I removed everything from the scope of the original profile and deployed the newly created ones in its place. I have been monitoring the removal of the old profile via a smart group and noticed that everything still has it listed as being installed in inventory even though the removal command succeeded. I just took a look at one of the computers in question and decided to redeploy the original configuration profile to it and remove it to see it it would clear up. What I noticed was upon deployment, there were now 2 profiles with the same name, one with the latest settings it had and one with the old settings. I double checked in Jamf and there is in fact only 1 configuration profile with that name. I'm now stuck with 369 computers that have this orphaned profile. Is there a command or anything that can be run to remove the profile based on the Identifier string listed in the computer's inventory? We're on Jamf Cloud so we cannot access the database directly.

I did try running /usr/bin/profiles -R -p "identifier string" but it results in "returned 101 (profile is not removable.)


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Same experience here today on 13.5.1 in my case. If I remove the scope the orphan remains and it stays if I add the scope back in.