EA/Data Point for Software Updates Installed but Needing Reboots?


Does anyone know of an extension attribute, or just a terminal command I could work with to create an EA, that would show if a macOS software update (minor) was installed on a machine, and a reboot is needed to for complete installation? 

The context around this is that in my enviorment we are using a config profile to enforce automatic software updates. However, the reboots around this are up the the end user. I'm trying to figure out a way to see if a reboot is needed for the completion of these installs to intelligently nudge the users beyond the once a day nag from macOS that is being mostly ignored. I believe the info captured by Jamf by default in the Software Update section of a computer inventory only reflects fully installed patches, so if an update is pending a reboot for full installation it still shows up here.