Ease of enterprise deployment - software rating system?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone is aware of a website where software has been rated in terms of its ease of deployment in a Mac enterprise/education environment? I was thinking of a sort of league table with notes, a rating and links to resources. 
I’ve had a few conversations over the years with quite big software companies who seem fairly oblivious to the challenges in deploying their software to a large estate and I have found that it sometimes helps illustrate what is required by giving them links to other companies resources, showing them how it could be done. Likewise, for smaller companies it is often something that has just never been thought about. I think it would be helpful and might help prompt some action for a few if they saw how badly they compared to their competitors.
I’m currently grappling with a large audio software installation and am very frustrated by the lack of support for some really large (and successful) packages.


I think this is a great idea indeed. Like you some companies can frustrate the life out of one

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I tend to measure this by how many "Help" posts I find when I search it, and the closer it is to the front page, the faster you should run.

But seriously though I do agree with this, especially when this is only found after testing (if you're lucky), or being unfortunate enough to be given unvetted software to deploy. It should definitely be a field in any software comparison rating system since the time sink does end up costing (sometimes our sanity).