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Hi all,

I used dockutil (via Homebrew) when I was on Jamf Now and manually configuring every machine.

I’m trying to automate everything since moving to Jamf Pro and this includes the dock.

I’ve tried a combination of a config profile and policy to create a dock that has a mix of native and third-party apps, but it’s absolutely failing..

  • Finder is the only app that appears correctly - from memory, all others have the classic question mark
  • the native apps that i’ve selected in the config dropdown menu don’t appear
  • none of the file:/// or file://localhost/ or full path suggestions from others seem to work for any apps, even native ones (Notes, SysPrefs, etc)
  • the dock isn’t editable after the policy has run, despite the policy not being set to run repeatedly (apart from after failing)

Can anyone help guide me/point out what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks so much in advance!


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In recent versions of macOS some apps seem may appear as if they are in "/Applications/", but are actually in "/System/Applications/" (e.g. Photos is /System/Applications/Photos.app). An easy way to get an application's real path is to drag the app onto a Terminal window.

dockutil and Dock Master are common tools for managing the dock. A configuration profile created with Dock Master would work with Jamf Pro, but you need to sign the profile before uploading it.

Apologies for the late reply, Michael, thank you for your help!

I've just checked out Dock Master (it looks great!!) and downloaded a custom package - I'll repost if I run into any trouble.

Thanks again!