Enabling Fast User Switching

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I'm not able to get FUS working on Mojave, wondering if others have a working script/config to get it running. I've tried all previous documentations and nothing has worked.

Thanks in advance.


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Already tried to enable it by pushing out a configuration profile?
If yes, check other config profiles if they do block FUS.


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I second @txhaflaire, I have it working on 10.14.3 with a config profile.

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I was trying through scripts and just policies. I'll give this a shot and report back.

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Have a look on the Mac in the profiles, see if one of them is blocking it. I found with some things the profiles were blocking things even though you cant set them in there. The iSight camera is set using Restrictions, but the Security & Privacy will block it unless you have both in the configuration together. Maybe it is the same with FUS.

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I have it all set now, it was in the configuration profiles. I just wasn't able to create one because of the bug for site admins atm.

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I just discovered that I am having this issue as well. I have FUS enabled on all of my profiles (because of the nature of the computers on our campus) and yet, I have a number of computers that I cannot get FUS to turn on. I am not seeing a profile that is disabling it... Any ideas where to look?