Enabling Screen Sharing for MAC OS Monterey

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Hello Everyone,

I have recently run into a problem with trying to enable Screen Sharing in our MACs. For some reason, in sharing, I am unable to allow Screen Sharing. Remote Management is allowed and on but if I wanted to allow Screen Sharing, we get a message saying "This service is currently unavailable" and that "Screen Sharing is currently being controlled by the Remote Management Service". The reason why this is coming up is because one our of teachers is trying to screen share her IPad to her computer. We have tried most of the scripts that have been posted here. 

Has anyone had these same issues?

Thank you in advance!



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If Remote Management is on, Screen Sharing defaults to these settings and is grayed out. If you want Screen Sharing to be available, turn off Remote Management.


So screen sharing in that manner is not supported using those controls, it's more meant for computer to computer vnc control and is governed by the remote management controls so you can remote to the Mac. What they are more than likely looking for is Airplay or screen mirroring from one device to the other which is not part of this.

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Screen Sharing is essentially a subset of Remote Management (aka Apple Remote Desktop) on macOS.  If Remote Management is enabled, Screen Sharing settings can not be modified.

If a teacher wants to display the iPad display on the Mac, perhaps AirPlay would be a better option?