Endpoint Protection Catalina Compatible??

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Were ditching DELL ATP and looking for a new enterprise solution.
Anyone any ideas on a client solution that supports Catalina


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Microsoft's ATP for E5 subscribers, ESET has a solution that was a temp replacement for MS endpoint protections customers, JAMF Protect, which was introduced at the JNUC this year.

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Symantec does, and it works great but beware, Symantec does not provide Day 0 solutions. The only reason my Catalina Deployment was delayed was because I had to wait for Symantec to provide an application for Catalina.

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Carbon Black Defense had a kext hiccup with Catalina support, but is quite solid for us now. I will be very happy to see kexts go away, but worry about Apple not providing proper support for the features we've come to expect from an endpoint protection agent. They just don't have a great track record for this sort of thing. The entire game will change with 10.16, and I wonder which players will still be effective.


We currently use Sophos Cloud and it works okay, have some KEXT and PPPC profiles created and it installs and starts without issue on Catalina. There are still some Full disk access messages that will appear.