Enrol Existing Users Without Authentication

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We are trying to find a way to email an enrolment package to existing staff and have them install it manually (thus enrolling into Jamf) without needing to enter an admin password at any point. 
I.e like an ADE 0 touch but this is for machines already in use.
Some research suggests this is possible but we are confused about the exact process.
It seems this is possible via a prestage config however we are stuck with where to download the enrollment package from (or how to create it).

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For this to be possible you would need to go back in time a few years :). For the most part there are two ways to enroll a device in MDM.

  1. The correct way for institutionally owned devices is Automated Device Enrollment, you need to reinstall macOS for this
  2. The correct way for BYOD would be user initiated enrollment, which requires user intervention

JAMF used to have something called a quick add package that would do as you are wanting. However Apple retired the process that allowed that to work a couple of years ago. This would be that enrollment package you are referring to, it would have been create with the JAMF Recon app.

QuickAdd Packages Created Using Recon - Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide | Jamf