Enrollment flow - help


When users enroll their mac manually I have made a enrollment flow, that installs necessary software - by using triggers, so taking each software at a time and then calls the next trigger and software installation
One of the software is Office 365 that downloads and install´s. However, those Mac´s who already have office 365 it must skip, but if the smart is excluded it also skips the next trigger call so it stop the flow.

I cannot not quite see how it can be done the best way and hope it make sense the way I have described it


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We have our enrolment processes numbered instead. Then they all go through in order, so if one isn't in scope it just goes to the next one.
jamf automatically goes in alphanumeric order. eg.

010 Enrollment - Install Cisco Anyconnect
020 Enrollment - Install Slack
030 Enrollment - Install office
etc. leave a gap between numbers , so if you have to add anything you can insert it in the right place.