Enterprise iOS device upgrades

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Wanting to see how other businesses are handling iOS device upgrades. One year we upgrade our iPads the following year we upgrading our iPhones.

We are using 64gig devices, and with apple not offering some kind of an enterprise iClould solution for backup and restore we feel our choices are limited on how to handle this. And monthly pricing to handle 128gigs of storage per account is not in our budget.

Because most of the people in the field don’t have laptops, they do their work from iPads; we (IT Department) are handling the swapping of the devices. We use software called iMazing to do a full backup of the old device and then restore that information to the new device. Last year when doing this, iMazing was faster than iTunes.




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In our enterprise, the customers are required to back their data up on their own. We direct them to either iCloud backup (easier), or explain to them how to backup and restore with iTunes. Unfortunately, they need to perform these actions before we can install company profiles or they will get wiped out when they restore data.