Erase 10.12 and Install 10.15

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We have 2 labs of iMacs (30 total) that are currently on 10.12. They all need to be updated to Catalina. I am trying to find a way to erase 10.12 and reinstall 10.15 with Jamf. I've followed this post, but when I run the reinstall script through self-service, it says that erase install requires macOS 10.13 or greater. Does anyone have ideas on how to accomplish this?


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Disk erase is only supported from 10.13.4 I believe and the partition must already be APFS.

Think your only best option is to upgrade to 10.15 and then do a disk erase

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There is a bunch of stuff that is done from a Sierra upgrade to High Sierra. Special firmware updates, conversion to APFS.. I agree you will need to upgraded manually once, even if just to High Sierra.

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There is no way around this, you have to do a manual upgrade first. I recommend at least pushing the mac OS to each device first via the Mac Apps Store App this way you just have to go to ApplicationsInstall mac OS Catalina (which will run various Firmware updates and convert to APFS, etc). Once this is completed, the Start OS can be run or you can do manually with mac OS Recovery by holding down Command +R and running Disk Utility and erasing drive and then reinstall mac OS Catalina.