Error installing package

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Trying to install a BitDefender package and get following process with error in log:

Executing Policy BitDefender
Mounting JamfShare
Installing BitDefender...
Successfully installed BitDefender.
Running script BDinstall...
Script exit code: 255
Script result: installer: invalid option –pkg
Usage: installer [-help] [-dominfo] [-volinfo] [-pkginfo] [-allowUntrusted] [-dumplog] [-verbose | -verboseR] [-vers] [-config] [-plist] [-file <pathToFile>] [-lang <ISOLanguageCode>] [-listiso] [-showChoicesXML] [-applyChoiceChangesXML <pathToFile>] [-showChoicesAfterApplyingChangesXML <pathtoFile>] -pkg <pathToPackage> -target <[DomainKey|MountPoint]>
Error running script: return code was 255.
Unmounting file server...

Followed a support article for BitDefender. Does anyone have any idea what can be wrong?


Contributor III

It looks like a dash has been turned into a hyphen, when a postinstall script tries to install an additional package stored in resources, for reference I'll add example code. I'd suggest you have a look at the source package in something like Suspicious Package. You probably can't fix it without building a new package and fixing the code...


installer -pkg "MyPackage.pkg" -target "${3}" -dumplog