Error installing the computer level mdm profile. Nginx Reverse Proxy

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We got JSS set up earlier this week, everything was working fine with a self signed cert. We decided use an Nginx reverse proxy as a load balancer and do the SSL termination there. So we got a cert from Digicert and set it up with Nginx. I have tomcat configured and JSS is grabbing IPs through the load balancer correctly. The only issue I'm having is when new clients try to enroll, we get the following error:

Error installing the computer level mdm profile: profiles install for file:'/Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp/mdm.mobileconfig' and user:'root' returned 1 (The operation couldn't be completed. (InternalError error 1.))

Additionally, if I check the console I see this error any time I try to perform an install:

12/3/15 11:13:48.662 AM UserEventAgent[308] enabled
12/3/15 11:13:48.663 AM UserEventAgent[43]  Failed to send message because the port couldn't be created.

Not sure if that is related, though. I can provide additional information upon request.
Thanks in advance!


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Hi, although a lot of the traffic is over 8443, have you got 1640 open for SCEP traffic?

If the enrollment failure is new, I'd suspect something amiss on the load balancer side though.


I saw a similar error. Somehow the serial number for my Mac was erroneously misentered as a mobile device.

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@arekdreyer Thanks! Your post helped resolve my issue. I deleted the computer from Mobile Devices and ran Sudo Jamf MDM to enable MDM.

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@arekdreyer Thank you, this solved my problem. I spent ages trying to work out why the mdm profile wasn't installing.