Error Upgrading - stalls on 'Generating Self Service Notifications 9%'

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We're currently running JSS 9.21, Attempting to upgrade to 9.7.

I've backed up the DB from the existing server and restored it to a blank DB on the new server. Then when starting up the new server the progress bar makes it almost all the way across and then freezes on 'Generating Self Service Notifications 9%'.

When I check the JAMFSoftwareServer.log on the new server (RHEL 6) I see it progressing normally until it encounters the following issues:

2015-07-01 00:58:44,993 [INFO ] [Thread-2   ] [ServerUtils              ] - Writing server.xml file - enforcing UTF-8 URI encoding.
2015-07-01 00:58:52,018 [ERROR] [Thread-2   ] [JAXBPlistParser          ] - Error unmarshalling
2015-07-01 00:58:52,019 [ERROR] [Thread-2   ] [edPreferenceProfileHelper] - Error creating ManagedPreferenceProfile:
    at com.jamfsoftware.jss.objects.managedpreferenceprofile.ManagedPreferenceProfile.initFromDSCLImportableXML(
    at com.jamfsoftware.jss.objects.managedpreferenceprofile.ManagedPreferenceProfile.<init>(
    at com.jamfsoftware.jss.objects.managedpreferenceprofile.ManagedPreferenceProfileHelper.refresh(
2015-07-01 00:58:56,550 [INFO ] [Thread-2   ] [DatabaseVersionAction    ] - Processed action: com.jamfsoftware.jss.database.schema.changeactions._9_4.UpdateModelInfo

I've tested several times with different restored backups of the old DB onto a clean database and it always stalls out at the same point. I've even gone into the computer managed preferences and verified each of the managed preferences is fully fleshed out and doesn't have any empty values listed.

Any ideas?


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Turns out some of the tables in our database were just really huge. The solution was to increase the size of the Java Memory Heap.