Escrow buddy is not working


Hello. Not sure if others have had this issue, but escrow buddy is not working for us. I followed the deployment guide on the wiki, and made sure to double-check everything, but no luck. Had the user log out and log back into the MacBook (after the Policies completed), and the key is still not escrowed into Jamf. I also opened an "issue" within their GitHub, but I was curious if anyone here has experienced the same problem. 

Not sure what I am missing here 🤔


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Traveling at the moment, but think I saw this with a client and Intune. IIRC i scripted a FV rotation and it showed up

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Just from personal experience - it may take some time until the FileVault key is actually escrowed. Like a couple of hours up to a day. And, of course, check the logs :)