Exam Laptop Configuration

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We are a K-12 school looking to have some laptops available for exam use. This has two phases.

Initial Requirements

Replace our current ageing unmanaged windows devices with managed macos devices to match the rest of the 1-1 Mac program in the school.
- No spell check or grammar checking.
- No browser access (effectively no internet access to user)
- Ideally Single App mode to lock to TextEdit or similar.

This small fleet are currently only used for students requiring assistance during a paper exam. e.g. Struggle to write - allow typing. Read questions out loud etc.


Have students OWN devices locked to allow them to complete testing. I know this is possible with SafeExamBrowser and we are using that in other areas. SafeExamBrowser also requires the testing to be completed online.
Would love to be able to lock a student to Word or TextEdit when completing an essay for assessment.

Basically looking for Single App Mode on MacOS. I would be interested how other school are creating an "Exam Mode" for their managed student devices. Is everyone now just doing online exams and we are in the "paper" age still.