Execution Frequency - One a week.

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I need some clarity about how the execution frequencies work. I want to run a script that deletes user profiles on MacBooks once a week and at Log Off.

If I set the policy to once a week, when does the policy run and then start counting down 7 days to the next time? I assume once you scope the policy and computer picks it up, it will run the first time at the trigger time you specify then count down 7 days from there.

If the computer does not get used on the next 7th day cycle, will it run the next time it is used or wait for the next 7 day cycle?

Finally, if the policy is set to run at log off and the MacBook is closed, will it go to sleep before finishing? If so, I might need to run it at log on.



Not sure about the answer to your last question, and the rest of what I'm about to say is based on observation more than anything else, but it seems like the "Once every X" policies are based on the policy checking the individual policy log for a particular system, and if that policy has a successful execution within the time frame X, then it doesn't run it. I believe this checking is done at check-in, so every 15m by default.

So if you have a policy that executed successfully on a Mac at 11:13am last Thursday (and it's in the logs--if it gets flushed then the policy will run again as soon as it can), then the next time the Mac checks in after 11:13am this Thursday it will run the policy again. If the computer is off Wed-Fri, then the next time it checks in with the JSS on Saturday it will execute the policy.

Again, all this is by observation and can potentially be very wrong.

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@pcrandom I pretty much right.
As soon as it's due to run again it will run the next time the computer checks in on a trigger that matches the policy.
The count starts from the last time it was run.