Export JSS and later import


I'm thinking for this that i'll need to dig into the API and write a custom script, but I'm curious before I try to re-invent the wheel if anyone has something to do this. I'd like to be able to export all of my Policies, Configuration Profiles, and Managed Preferences. Then import them later on into a Development JSS. I don't want to use the database backup because my dev JSS has a different name, certificate, etc, and I don't want to overwrite what is already there. I'd just like to be able to backup Policies/Profiles/Preferences and import to the other JSS without overwriting everything else in there.

I think if someone could give some details on how to programmatically export/import one item of each type, then i could build off of that.


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"Promoter" can migrate Policies
Don't think it can do MCX or Profiles though.
Profiles could be exported using the /exportOSXConfigurationProfile.html URL,
and maybe you can do something with this
for MCX