External App shows blank screen when installed through JAMF but works correctly on manual installed

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We are trying to install an external app through .tar.gz file into Mac (macOS 13.4.1, Python 3.9.12, CLT 14.1 Intel Processor) via Jamf pro but when launching the app, the app shows blank white screen. On the other hand when we try to install the same file manually in the mac without JAMF Pro it works fine. 



we disable the gatekeeper and enable it after the installation completes in both ways manual and via JAMF.

sudo spctl --master-disable
sudo spctl --master-enable

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I had this once. In my case there were two issues.
The first issue was that for whatever reason the

export DISPLAY=:0.0

 in bash_profile was set the 0.1. Changing this back to 0.0 helped. I could even delete this entry completely in my case. 
Second the configuration for the app itself needed some tweaking. I couldn't figure out why those modifications were only necessary when deploying the app via Jamf and not when manually installing it but I eventually gave up as the whole setup and installation process of this app was weird. I ended up creating my own package with munki-pkg and providing a postinstall script that makes the necessary changes in the config file.