Facebook app crashing

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Hello folks,

My Facebook app (via iOS self service) crashes after opening the app each time, reinstall via self service don't seem to make a difference and this is happening on all our iphone devices.

Mine is on the latest OS, any tips?



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Same here. I tested it at two different JAMF Pro Instances. If the App is distributed via SelfService and VPP it crashes, If you install the App via Appstore with an Apple-ID the App is working properly.


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Got this answer from JAMF Support:

".... It seems this is a Product Issue we have opened with Facebook for them to investigate, we are tracking it internally as PI-008544. The only current known work around is to push it out for users that need it as a webclip....."

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If the app is managed then it crashes. If you unscope your app from your devices. And the users download the app directly out of the app store. (not managed) Then the app will run. (at least , that is what we saw here while testing) So this can be a workaround. Unless the users are not authorised to use an apple id.

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Can confirm!

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Did you Joined their Beta Program? Report them ,They Will Fix It.

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You Can Report them! maybe this is any software issue!

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Hello, any new information on that maybe? Where can I report that issue to Facebook anyway? I´ve know, I have a Help&Support on the facebbook site itself, but couldn´t find any option for APP reporting... It´s a shame, that one month is not enought for them to solve that problem...

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Was reported to me by end users that if the app is still managed it will still crash.