Failed install, kinda

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Hello all,
I have been chasing this all weekend and am no closer to a resolution than when I started. I am so out of my league on this one.

We have a device that we create all our packages on; It was getting full so I reimaged it. Now it gives me the attached image when attempting to launch Self Service. It will not launch Chrome or Firefox either, finder, Macintosh HD, etc
None of the Apple Applications load either.
I create the same-named account on another device and it all works fine on that device. We never installed Pages, numbers, etc so the device was a cleaner looking desktop. I have entered in our AppleID, but it keeps knocking me back to the login with your appleID screen.
Any help is greatly appreciated, I would like to know where to look for this machine, we never used AppleID's on it, so why is it loading the Apple products but not able to launch any apps at all.