Failed to import classes from ASM

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Hi, I failed to importe classes from ASM but users (student and instructor working good) When I goes to "Classes -> Import", a message telle me that "All classes have been imported" but I can't do anything and nothing is import. How to resolve this please ? For your information, user and classes have been created by imports of csv files on ASM. Thanks a lot.


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have you been able to get this resolved with Jamf? I'm also having the same issue "All classes have been imported" but none of the classes are in Jamf. We are using PowerSchool > ASM > Jamf.

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Any ideas or a workaround? I‘ve the same problem... I can‘t import my ASM classes in Jamf Pro. Thank‘s a lot.

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We having the same issue at one of our customers, any solution in sight?

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We have just had this issue too. Is there a fix?


This was posted by @zachishani in another thread about how the class number doesn't import from ASM causing a problem. I haven't tried yet to see if it works, but it's very recent so we'll see!

We managed to find a work around.

After importing all your classes to JAMF, go into Apple School Manager. Create a manual class (make sure it has assigned a valid Staff member, Student and Course). Save this new manual class in ASM then go back to JAMF Pro and do a manual 'Force Sync' under the Education Settings. Once the manual sync has completed - all the previously imported Class Numbers will now be showing under Mobile Devices > Classes.

10/11/19, 3pm MST: I just followed these instructions and they did fix the issue!

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I have found that the classes seem to have synced correctly over the weekend and they imported ok this morning.

Now I'm having the same issue with user accounts. I created a manual account on ASM and the accounts all synced successfully.

I'll update my case notes with Jamf Support. Hopefully they are aware of what the issue is and can get a fix as soon as possible.