Feature comparison between JAMF and other MDM Tools

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Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help me with feature comparison between JAMF and other MDM Tools. Anyone used other MDM Tools and moved to JAMF??
I know JAMF is the market leader in mac ecosystem but would like to know how JAMF is better than other MDM Tools.


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Having been in the same scenario multiple times, what I can offer from my experience in these situations is instead of trying to do a side by side comparison of every feature is figure out what it is you want to do with your devices and what are you trying to achieve from a management standpoint. What kind of infrastructure would you require if you chose one over the other?

Just performing side by side comparisons is not enough as you need the rubber to meet the road and with managing some Apple devices, especially Macs, there are multiple ways to accomplish things.

It also depends on your environment, are you a small-large enterprise, a school, etc those will require different needs. For example, some schools may not need the intense amount of security overhead that an enterprise would require but they still want to secure their devices or infrastructure similarly.

You may require custom settings that a more robust or best of breed solution has to offer which some of the lower-tier ones may not offer. Or you may not and only require a basic set of management settings that a simpler solution could provide.

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I think it will really help if we can have some reference of what can be done with JAMF which currently is not easily possible with the Parallels
For example, is it easy to do a delayed deployment of application and can the user get an option to postpone an deployment for a few days or hours etc...
Also how good is the DEP enrollment option can it do DEPnotify or splashbuddy
And does enterprise connect work or how does the password sync happen with this tool?

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I'm not sure if you are referring to Jamf or Parallels in the second part of your post. Since I am not familiar with Parallels, using Jamf all of those are possible.

You can set up policies to allow user deferral on application or software updates, you can scope to certain segments or groups based on whatever criteria you may need. We utilize DEPNotify for our Automated Device Enrollment and it works great. DEP is pretty much DEP as that is on Apple's side of things, but with Jamf you can customize the enrollment setup assistant screens and require authentication, etc. Password syncing is built-in using the Kerberos SSO, you can also opt to use NoMAD (free opensource) or consider Jamf Connect.

I think finding your pain points, as you described above, and if you have an idea on how you want to manage your devices would be a better way to compare, instead of focusing on just like for like features. With device management and all the MDM options, there are a lot of ways to accomplish the same thing. If you have an Apple rep for your organization, definitely reach out to them they can help provide an assessment of your environment and provide guidance and of course, connect with Jamf.

Also, the macadmins.slack.com channels are great resources and are not Jamf specific.