Feature request (revised): Include manufacture date of machines in JSS


A few months ago I suggested adding to the JSS a feature of this website
<http://www.chipmunk.nl/klantenservice/applemodel.html> where you can get
the manufacture date of a Mac via the serial number.

Someone recently posted the basics of how to do this on the MacEnterprise
list. I'm posting it here:

Take your serial number. The iMac I'm sitting at will provide the example. CK6280BJU2R The first two characters (generally) indicate the country or at least the plant of manufacture (final assembly?). In this case, "CK" decodes to Cork. Character 3 indicates the year of manufacture - in this case it's a 6, so that means 2006. Characters 4 and 5 indicate the week of the year in which the machine was manufactured. In this case it's week 28 which equates to approximately the end of July.

Parsing this information and including it in the JSS would be huge help to
us to generate a list of Macs that are due for replacement.



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New Contributor

Did this go anywhere? It seems I can't rely on the model field to determine true age of the device. I have seen several cases where the model field in jamf inventory does NOT match what the mac shows on the 'about this mac' screen.